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Lais’s passion for creative strategies began during her time at university. Shortly after graduating in marketing she began her career in fashion marketing at a Brazilian Brand for 6 years in Sao Paulo.

She worked closely with influencers, organised campaign & lookbook photoshoots, events, the list goes on! During her time there she discovered the digital marketing & social media world, which sparked her interest leading her to fall deeper in love with it ever since.

London has been her new home since 2016 bringing her a whole new world of inspirations, shapes and colours, encouraging her to put her ideas and plans into actions, making her dream of POMAR a reality.

Lais Cury

Paula Pedron

Paula has been an events photographer since she was 15 years old, inheriting her father’s & grandfather’s profession and passion.

Over the past 11 years, she has specialised in wedding photography and has developed her skillset in other styles including fashion & product photography.

From 2015 through to 2019 Paula has had the opportunity to shoot international events in both Italy and the US.

Also, back in 2013 it was when her passion for graphic design started during uni, and happily, this dream is taking place at POMAR today.

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